Lessons Learned from Combat

Lately, I have been on a history book kick. A few months ago I finished the biography of John Adams, David McCullough (took me a year to read it, but I read the last half in two months). Next, I’d like to start reading Eric Metaxas’ biography Bonhoeffer. And recently, I just finished Stephen Ambrose’s Citizen Soldiers. If you’ve never had the good pleasure of reading Ambrose’s books, you must. I also read his book Band of Brothers. In both of these books Ambrose retells GI’s stories that make me wish I was an Allied soldier fighting to liberate Europe from the Nazis. Of course, my view on the valor of WWII is highly romanticized. At any rate, Citizen Soldiers is worth your time namely because it gives you first hand accounts of soldiers on the front lines. It seeks to tell the history of WWII as the GIs saw it. Continue reading