Meet the Gadfly

Let’s be honest: I am extremely biased and I have an agenda with my blog. Anyone who says he/she is unbiased and doesn’t have a personal agenda is either a fool or an idiot.

As my readers, you should know two things:

1. I have the conviction that each human being is meant to seek the most happiness and best kind of happiness he/she can. And not only is this our purpose in life, but it is our duty as men and women and even children.

2. I think the only way to accomplish #1 is for us to deny ourselves and acknowledge that our desires are perversions of right and true desires that are only fulfilled by a relationship with the God-man Jesus Christ. Christ died to take away our pain and self-destructive lives. And he rose from the grave to give us a Joy not even the strongest pill of ecstasy, greatest orgasm, best marriage relationships, best-paying job, most fulfilling acts of kindness, fastest rush of adrenaline, greatest accomplishments, most powerful positions of authority can ever give.

While I believe these two things are true (and not just true, but the Truth), I am fully willing to admit that I could be wrong. I WANT THE TRUTH! If tomorrow I found out there was indisputable evidence that Christ did not rise from the dead, then I am looking for happiness somewhere else. What I believe/feel/think/want to be true does not make it true. Truth is Truth because it is the Truth. Truth is fixed, immutable, unchanging, it’s independent of anything I want it to be. Simply put, the Truth is.