America, Sex Trophies, & Chilvary

In a NBC online Article NYC Considers a No Catcall Zone. No one is denying men are pigs and objectify women. Certainly, I am one of those men.

I just don’t know how practical it is to make a law against ‘objectifying’ women or if it will even promote any change. Does this mean if a police officer witnesses a man making a woman feel uncomfortable then he will fine that man? How does an officer prove that in the court of Law? Lawyers call that hearsay.

The very fact that lawmakers are considering to make such a law indicates to me that there is a much greater problem woven throughout the moral fiber of this country. Racism has not been and is not being battled by creating laws alone. Racism is ending/ended through a paradigm shift of our country. How does this happen? Primarily through those who educate our children. So that means society, and every facet of it. So if we want men to stop objectifying women on the streets maybe we should show that that’s also not okay in the media, sports, politics, classroom, and family. Every man in our country is at least tempted to be jealous of Tiger Woods despite what he did was infidelity.

Not because he was unfaithful to his wife but because he had sex, and lots of it. The very core of our culture glorifies those who can get sex. And I am not saying sex is a bad thing. I am saying our culture has stripped sex of its relational worth and treats it as an object to be won like a trophy. There is no valuation of Sex (the act and gender) as a social construct that is meant to enhance the intimacy of a monogamous relationship. So we should not be surprised that men make Catcalls to women walking down the street. They are partly acting out of what they have been trained to do.

Think about it: millions upon millions of dollars are spent in a year to sell sexual/objectifying depictions of woman (and men) and to get people to buy it; and I am not just talking about pornography. Consider films like American Pie or TV like Desperate Housewives. And compare that to the amount of money we spend, or even output, on media that seeks to honor women and depict men as heroes who fight to protect and serve women and care for and provide for women. This type of media exists but if we really value ‘Chivalry,’ it’s disproportionate to the energy and value that is placed on promoting a sexually based achievement lifestyle.


One thought on “America, Sex Trophies, & Chilvary

  1. That’s pretty sad that under the ‘enjoy this’ ad to the right of the article there is a photo album of nfl cheerleaders in halloween attire…. sad day for integrity and for men and for women.

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