Budget Battle: Fatheads & Jackasses

I am willing to bet that most Americans share my understanding of our Federal Budget Fiasco: which is little to none. So I won’t bother to try and pretend like I know what’s going on and say if  those Fatheads did this or if those Jackasses did that, then everything would be hunky-dory. However, I will say that I am hot-pissed at our Political Leaders right now. Much of my rage is probably irrational and hyped up by the media, but what I do know about the situation is this:

  1. America has a lot of debt.
  2. America also needs a budget plan.
  3. Fatheads & Jackasses (Fat Jacks) can’t agree on how to manage our debt within the budget plan.
  4. Seemingly, none of the Fat Jacks are willing to compromise.
  5. If the Fat Jacks don’t agree on a budget plan by August 2nd, America could default on its loans and Earth will fall out its orbit in our Solar System.

Okay, that last one may have been embellished, but only for dramatic effect, so that you feel the weight of the situation. Don’t worry, Fox News & MSNBC do it all the time: it’s called good journalism.

Anyway, if America defaults on its loans, it is unclear what will happen; other than to say the value of the Dollar will decrease and the Global Economy will be impacted as well.

I have tried a decent bit to figure out what is at the core of our Nation’s Budget Crisis. I have tried to understand what Problem A is, and if Solution X happened then consequences Y & Z would take place. I have not found such an answer. Maybe it’s beyond the scope of my research abilities and comprehension, or the scope of journalists’ comprehension, or both; but judging by what I have read in at least two news sources (NY Times & CNN), it appears that the primary concern of our politicians is not the socioeconomic consequences of their policies but voter approval ratings. In some ways this makes sense because if the Fat Jacks fail, they could be voted of office. But proportionately speaking it seems like the Fat Jacks care more about staying in office than they do the economic stability and social prosperity of our country. For example, Fat Jacks on both sides of the isle are name calling and blaming the opposing party for the showdown that they are in now. And one news source I read made a parallel of our nation’s current situation to an issue during Clinton’s presidency that allegedly played into him winning a second term. Now you tell me, what’s more important: the political careers of our current public servants, or the legislation and policies they choose to make this country a better place to live for us and future generations?

Again, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t understand the complexities of this issue and breadth and depth of its scope. I am even willing to admit I may be wrong. But what’s aggravating about all this hullabaloo is the manner in which our nation’s leaders are handling this issue. No one is willing to step up and throw their career to the wind and say “We have a serious problem, and we need to act now!” Even if the solution is one that I don’t like, but it is what is really best for the country: I want a leader who is going to kick-ass and take names. I am tired of reading news stories about how Fat Jacks strategize their policies based on voter approval. I don’t vote for leaders so that Fat Jacks can try to appease me with their political guile. I vote so political leaders will lead me and this country.

Whether or not I approve of what our Fat Jacks decide to do is irrelevant. There is a time to lead and there is a time to follow. And now is certainly a time for leaders to do what they were hired to do: LEAD. And we as citizens of America would do well to follow; because I firmly believe that it is in our interests to serve the interests of America, for in its prosperity we will find ours.


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