Where the Sun never goes down…

The city has no need of sun or moon to shine, for the Glory of God gives its light… By His light will the nations walk.
Revelation 21:23 & 24

Without the sun, our planet would be unlivable. The warmth of the sun builds ecosystems on our planet so that clouds will form and rain will drop. The sun’s light causes plant’s to perform photosynthesis so they can survive; in turn the plants release oxygen into the air which allows us to survive. The sun allows us to see for most of our waking hours. The sun’s power can be harnessed to provide electricity. And the sun’s light enables our bodies to produce vitamin D so our bodies can better observe calcium and have strong bones.

This past weekend in Sunny Minneapolis, Spring has come notably early. Normally March has the most snowfall in our state. And our average temperature is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. So far the average temperature for March in the Twin Cities has been 51.4 degrees. That might still sound cold to some of you, but for us up here in the mid-west, that’s shorts and t-shirt weather. Just look at this guy.

Pretty soon the snow will all be gone. Lakes will thaw.  Grass will turn green. Birds will return. Flowers will bloom. Houses will open up to the breeze of summer. People will fill the streets in camaraderie and playful fun.

Since the sun has decided to peak its head out from under the shroud of winter, I have noticed a distinct change in my mood. My attitude and outlook has has been more positive. My overall sense of happiness has gone up. In some ways I can even say that I was restored. At first this was a bit troubling for me. Not because I had become happier, but because at a certain level it shows how I am unable to control my attitude. It also shows how weak I am. But then as I began to think about it, I thought why shouldn’t the sun lift my spirits? The sun is a picture of something bigger, is it not?

Spring’s resurrection has shown me my fickleness in heart. But it has also reminded me that the best has yet to come.

In the Bible, it says there will be a day when the sun will no longer exist because God will be the light of the world. God will sustain his people by the light of his being. More than that, there will never be night.

Can you imagine that!? Heaven will be like Spring time, all the time. Life will leap forth day after day into a somersault that never ends. There will be no more decay and death from Winter because God will always be present. People will open their shutters and come out of their houses forever. Winter death will no longer have any reign. And we will get to explore God’s fullness in his restored creation without limits. He will dwell with his people forever.

For these short moments on Earth I may be affected by the sun’s coming and going. But there will be a day when the power, warmth, and regeneration I feel by the sun will never disappear because Jesus will never disappear.


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