Freedom + Faith = Madness?

To some extent these three songs make me lament over the folk-indie rock scene that drives musical forces today. Don’t get me wrong, I love melodramatic soft beats with gritty acoustic sounds. It gives me that vapid pie in the sky feeling inside.  It’s just everybody’s doing it; that’s all.

At any rate, listen to these songs in order…



Now, I am not an expert on music theory, but if you ask me all three of these songs sound like they are in the same key signature. Also if you compare “Faith” with “Madness,” it sounds like to me they have very similar underlying rhythms. And comparing “I want to Break Free” at 2:10 with “Madness,” at 3:07, the bridge solos sound almost exactly the same.

Some people might get upset at MUSE for sounding so close to these songs. But as both T.S. Elliot and Pablo Picaso supposedly said “Good artists borrow. Great artists steal.”

Now you could debate ‘who done what’ all you like; but personally I think that MUSE stole it. And they steal all the time.


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